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Recent Works



Melbourne’s Mystery Market

I had my first Market on Sunday for Melbourne’s Mystery Market in Federation Square. It was quite stressful prepping and setting up and thinking I had forgotton to do something but in the end I had so much fun and had so many good visitors! My friends support has been super excellent and imperative to getting everything done! x




Some photos from my first Exhibition at Balkon! It was excellent!
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Come! There will be chocolate bouquets and paintings and good times. Even my dog is coming and she would love to meet you. Starts at 6:30pm until 9:00pm. There will be no other time to view all the work either only Friday night!



Working, working, working on new paintings for next weeks exhibition! I love me a jumper dress.

New Work

New acrylic painting for a friend that I’m going to include in an upcoming exhibition! bruteypainting

New work

New painting by me. I made it for a friend. I am so so proud of it. It was my first big commission. I am super grateful for the opportunity to make this because I often find motivation in making things for others. I have a funny feeling some people didn’t realise I liked painting large works like this because they had never seen me do it but this friend encouraged me and gave me a little supportive push and now I am excited and want to make more.


Paint Palettes

I kind of think my old paint palettes are beautiful. IMG_0012 IMG_0024 IMG_0016 IMG_0019 IMG_0013

It’s a peacock




Pattern Fever

My friend Roxanne helped me make this! weee.