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Come! There will be chocolate bouquets and paintings and good times. Even my dog is coming and she would love to meet you. Starts at 6:30pm until 9:00pm. There will be no other time to view all the work either only Friday night!


Working, working, working on new paintings for next weeks exhibition! I love me a jumper dress.

New work

New painting by me. I made it for a friend. I am so so proud of it. It was my first big commission. I am super grateful for the opportunity to make this because I often find motivation in making things for others. I have a funny feeling some people didn’t realise I liked painting […]

Care verse Control

  Gouache on cartridge paper. 2013. Tried something new! Trying to be less controlling in general including to my paint. At uni I am learning about care versus control under an anti-oppressive framework. In regards to social work this will be very important. I always want to ‘fix’ an issue but this often leads to […]

  Gouache on handmade paper. 2012.

Not making art

I lost all my visual inspiration for about a month. I didn’t feel like painting or drawing and I felt like I was having an identity crisis. When I was a child I painted to pass the time and console my loneliness. I was devastatingly quiet and shy. I had problems with my hearing so […]


my name’s Gabby Love. Welcome to my blog! This is all very exciting as today is the launch of my website and blog! My beautiful partner, Andrew has sacrificed his weekend to get all the finishing touches done. It has been a little bit hectic! I hope you will find my blog colourful and inspiring. I […]