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Category Archives: paint

New Work

New acrylic painting for a friend that I’m going to include in an upcoming exhibition! 

Paint Palettes

I kind of think my old paint palettes are beautiful. 

It’s a peacock


Gouache on handmade paper. 2013.

Gouache on handmade paper. 2013. -love

Not making art

I lost all my visual inspiration for about a month. I didn’t feel like painting or drawing and I felt like I was having an identity crisis. When I was a child I painted to pass the time and console my loneliness. I was devastatingly quiet and shy. I had problems with my hearing so […]

New Years

Happy New Year! My partner came up with the idea that we should create a painting together to celebrate the new year. He was adamant it be a spontaneous creation to capture the moment. This is what we came up with. It’s acrylic paint on a 20″X24″ canvas and lives proudly in the living room. […]

Gouache painting

I love playing with colours and shapes. My favourite colours are aqua and coral at the moment and my favourite shape is a stylized rain drop/bean! Yesterday I was configuring different compositions of some rain drops I made.     I’ve also been making my own paper lately. I took a paper making class last […]