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It’s a peacock


Pattern Fever

My friend Roxanne helped me make this! weee.   -love

Gouache on handmade paper. 2013. -love


Experimented with a different colour combination with gouache this week. It was very satisfying.  -love


It’s a spotty kind of day today!  -love


I made these today. I like combining handmade techniques with digital. Which one is your favourite? I think mine is the first bean one. -love


It’s so steamy hot in Melbourne today so going outside is not a good idea! All I can do is eat a zooper dooper and play in photoshop. My friend took the photo of me. I’ve never thought I’m very good at collage so I am trying to practice. I had painted gouache patterns onto […]

New Years

Happy New Year! My partner came up with the idea that we should create a painting together to celebrate the new year. He was adamant it be a spontaneous creation to capture the moment. This is what we came up with. It’s acrylic paint on a 20″X24″ canvas and lives proudly in the living room. […]

Ashley Goldberg

Ashley Goldberg creates the most beautiful patterns. Her colour and composition knowledge are ridiculously good. I feel very inspired when I look at them. I found it hard to choose my favourites for this post so there are lots. All images are from her Pinterest!   I thought the last two patterns looked weirdly familiar […]