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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Christmas Wreath

It’s Christmas! I really really enjoy making cards and wrapping presents during Christmas. I was really happy with the wreath I made this year and a friend took some photos of me making it so I thought I could post a mini tutorial on this simple but effective idea. I used a polystyrene ring from […]

Ashley Goldberg

Ashley Goldberg creates the most beautiful patterns. Her colour and composition knowledge are ridiculously good. I feel very inspired when I look at them. I found it hard to choose my favourites for this post so there are lots. All images are from her Pinterest!   I thought the last two patterns looked weirdly familiar […]


TLC was the first C.D I ever bought. Infact it was a set where you got “Ooooh on the TLC tip” and “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” for the price of one! (before this i had tapes!) “Oooooh on the TLC tip” was definitely the superior album in my 9yr old opinion. Look at that album cover! […]

Beci Orpin

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Harvest workshop¬†Find and Keep with Beci Orpin. It was seriously dreamy to spend the day with Beci Orpin making craft from her new book. These were some of the items on display of craft projects from her wonderful book. We made a paper garland, vintage postcard […]


I love making cards, ever since I was little I have made all my Birthday and Christmas cards. Last year I stressed myself out making too many different kinds of Christmas cards so this year I had a plan to be organised with a really simple design that would translate well through different mediums so […]

Gouache painting

I love playing with colours and shapes. My favourite colours are aqua and coral at the moment and my favourite shape is a stylized rain drop/bean! Yesterday I was configuring different compositions of some rain drops I made.     I’ve also been making my own paper lately. I took a paper making class last […]


my name’s Gabby Love. Welcome to my blog! This is all very exciting as today is the launch of my website and blog! My beautiful partner, Andrew has sacrificed his weekend to get all the finishing touches done. It has been a little bit hectic! I hope you will find my blog colourful and inspiring.¬†I […]