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TLC was the first C.D I ever bought. Infact it was a set where you got “Ooooh on the TLC tip” and “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” for the price of one! (before this i had tapes!) “Oooooh on the TLC tip” was definitely the superior album in my 9yr old opinion.

Look at that album cover! I instantly fell in love with the early 90’s aesthetic and to this day it is my favourite! The colours, the outfits, the video clips, not to mention the women who were making music like Kathleen Hanna and Carrie Brownstein. I was a tomboy so hearing women sing about wearing baggy clothes and being yourself was the ultimate affirmation for a girl who hated wearing shoes, wanted to live in a tree and who’s highlight of the week was spending all day saturday and sunday at the local rollerskating rink.

Yesterday I was listening to “Hat 2 da back” obsessively and was inspired to paint this. I used gouache on handmade paper again. I’m really happy with how it turned out I think I will make more with different colours and compositions. What do you think? -love