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Christmas Wreath

It’s Christmas! I really really enjoy making cards and wrapping presents during Christmas. I was really happy with the wreath I made this year and a friend took some photos of me making it so I thought I could post a mini tutorial on this simple but effective idea. I used a polystyrene ring from a craft shop as the base and just gathered all the most Christmasy coloured fabric that I already owned.

First, I cut strips of fabric. I didn’t bother measuring because I enjoy a rough, hand made texture but I guess they were about 4-5cm wide and long enough to be able to tie a double knot ¬†around whatever size base you use.

Wrap around your wreath base and tie a double knot to form a bow.

Scrunch and position the bows to your liking. I put some bows facing the back of the wreath so just a pretty fabric strip was exposed and some bows facing the front.

My dog Yoda was very helpful and gave her mark of approval by sitting inside the wreath.

Voila! Finished product. I jabbed malleable wire into the polystyrene to make a hook to hang on the door.

I ran out of Christmas wrapping paper this year  so I made a stamp to decorate some brown paper I had. I am terrible at carving. I had this idea that the stamp would be a simplified christmas tree but it just became a triangle but I am okay with that.

Stamping is actually really fun and kind of relaxing so I made lots.

During the wrapping frenzy.

This year was predominantly about giving handmade presents (full-time student). I made lots of paper and bundled up different sheets for variety. Hopefully everybody enjoys this. Do you like giving/receiving hand made gifts?
Only five more minutes until it’s officially Christmas! Time for bed.