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It’s so steamy hot in Melbourne today so going outside is not a good idea! All I can do is eat a zooper dooper and play in photoshop. My friend took the photo of me.

I’ve never thought I’m very good at collage so I am trying to practice. I had painted gouache patterns onto paper to make a garland and used the left over pieces to make the collage in the photos.


I hope you enjoy and are not too hot!

New Years

Happy New Year! My partner came up with the idea that we should create a painting together to celebrate the new year. He was adamant it be a spontaneous creation to capture the moment. This is what we came up with. It’s acrylic paint on a 20″X24″ canvas and lives proudly in the living room.
 I also painted more gouache beans last night.


Christmas Wreath

It’s Christmas! I really really enjoy making cards and wrapping presents during Christmas. I was really happy with the wreath I made this year and a friend took some photos of me making it so I thought I could post a mini tutorial on this simple but effective idea. I used a polystyrene ring from a craft shop as the base and just gathered all the most Christmasy coloured fabric that I already owned.

First, I cut strips of fabric. I didn’t bother measuring because I enjoy a rough, hand made texture but I guess they were about 4-5cm wide and long enough to be able to tie a double knot  around whatever size base you use.

Wrap around your wreath base and tie a double knot to form a bow.

Scrunch and position the bows to your liking. I put some bows facing the back of the wreath so just a pretty fabric strip was exposed and some bows facing the front.

My dog Yoda was very helpful and gave her mark of approval by sitting inside the wreath.

Voila! Finished product. I jabbed malleable wire into the polystyrene to make a hook to hang on the door.

I ran out of Christmas wrapping paper this year  so I made a stamp to decorate some brown paper I had. I am terrible at carving. I had this idea that the stamp would be a simplified christmas tree but it just became a triangle but I am okay with that.

Stamping is actually really fun and kind of relaxing so I made lots.

During the wrapping frenzy.

This year was predominantly about giving handmade presents (full-time student). I made lots of paper and bundled up different sheets for variety. Hopefully everybody enjoys this. Do you like giving/receiving hand made gifts?
Only five more minutes until it’s officially Christmas! Time for bed.


Ashley Goldberg

Ashley Goldberg creates the most beautiful patterns. Her colour and composition knowledge are ridiculously good. I feel very inspired when I look at them. I found it hard to choose my favourites for this post so there are lots. All images are from her Pinterest!


I thought the last two patterns looked weirdly familiar and then I remembered seeing them in Gorman.


Amazing right? The gelati dress above is on my wish list.  It’s so good.



TLC was the first C.D I ever bought. Infact it was a set where you got “Ooooh on the TLC tip” and “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” for the price of one! (before this i had tapes!) “Oooooh on the TLC tip” was definitely the superior album in my 9yr old opinion.

Look at that album cover! I instantly fell in love with the early 90’s aesthetic and to this day it is my favourite! The colours, the outfits, the video clips, not to mention the women who were making music like Kathleen Hanna and Carrie Brownstein. I was a tomboy so hearing women sing about wearing baggy clothes and being yourself was the ultimate affirmation for a girl who hated wearing shoes, wanted to live in a tree and who’s highlight of the week was spending all day saturday and sunday at the local rollerskating rink.

Yesterday I was listening to “Hat 2 da back” obsessively and was inspired to paint this. I used gouache on handmade paper again. I’m really happy with how it turned out I think I will make more with different colours and compositions. What do you think? -love

Beci Orpin

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Harvest workshop Find and Keep with Beci Orpin. It was seriously dreamy to spend the day with Beci Orpin making craft from her new book. These were some of the items on display of craft projects from her wonderful book. We made a paper garland, vintage postcard collage and bleached patterns onto a scarf.

 I also got to take home a signed copy of Beci’s book, and this sick hand printed bag from harvest textiles!




I love making cards, ever since I was little I have made all my Birthday and Christmas cards. Last year I stressed myself out making too many different kinds of Christmas cards so this year I had a plan to be organised with a really simple design that would translate well through different mediums so I could still personalise each card for each person. I found this really cute tutorial on making washi tape stickers here which I used to make a Christmas tree. It was so much fun I highly recommend it, all you need is some baking paper, washi tape and scissors! I also painted watercolour dots on a large sheet of paper and cut out trees.

I find painting dots repetitively relaxing. A few years ago a friend introduced me to the work of Yayoi Kusama. She said that Yayoi Kusama covered everything in dots in response to anxiety. Last year I was lucky enough to view Yayoi Kusama’s work at GOMA in Brisbane. It was incredible. Part of the exhibition was The Obliteration Room which involved going into a room painted completely white, including the furniture. You were given a page of stickers and you were allowed to place them anywhere you liked. The results were amazing. Images from here


I kept my sticker sheet.

I think that transferring your anxiety to a visual representation, in this case the dot, means that the art work becomes a way of expressing your anxiety in a therapeutic way. I’m a big believer in art therapy. Even in something like a Christmas card! If I really enjoyed making it surely I can transfer the good vibes to my loved ones.



Gouache painting

I love playing with colours and shapes. My favourite colours are aqua and coral at the moment and my favourite shape is a stylized rain drop/bean! Yesterday I was configuring different compositions of some rain drops I made.



I’ve also been making my own paper lately. I took a paper making class last year and received a beautiful paper making kit for christmas! I’ve always had the idea that I should be making my own paper to paint on and yesterday I finally did it! I used gouache paint for the raindrops and acid free scraps of paper (there are always lots around when you are constantly cutting up paper!) and a few flowers and herbs for the paper. I was really happy with the results! I will definitely be uploading these onto my website.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them!


my name’s Gabby Love. Welcome to my blog! This is all very exciting as today is the launch of my website and blog! My beautiful partner, Andrew has sacrificed his weekend to get all the finishing touches done. It has been a little bit hectic!
I hope you will find my blog colourful and inspiring. I will be posting about my favourite things, things that inspire me and creative projects I am working on. Please feel free to comment and I hope to see you again soon.